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State and National Websites

Websites for most state agencies are now available to provide information about almost every aspect of Iowa’s government. The agencies used most frequently for advocacy and legislative purposes are listed below.

State Websites

Federal Websites


State Websites

State of Iowa – www.iowa.gov
This is the official “State of Iowa” website. It contains information about the different branches of the state government, information citizens need to contact state agencies, and basic information about the state of Iowa. It also contains a telephone directory for state offices, a calendar of events, information about state attractions, maps, information about state policies, and current weather and road conditions across the state.


State Government Agencies – www.iowa.gov/state/main/govagencies.html
A list of all of Iowa’s state governmental agencies can be found here. Find an agency’s website by selecting the agency name from a complete list of all agencies or from a list based on the first letter of the agency’s title.


Iowa State Legislature – http://www.legis.iowa.gov/
This is the website of the Iowa State Legislature. It contains lists of legislators and committees, e-mail addresses, district maps, lists of publications, legislative bills and archive records, and educational tour of the capitol and state government, and live audio broadcasts from the Senate and House Chambers.

Legislative Process Information –http://www.legis.iowa.gov/Resources/legisProcess.aspx
The Legislative Information Office is a nonpartisan department of the Legislative Services group of the state government. They provide information and materials concerning the Iowa General Assembly and the legislative process to all interested individuals and most of the information is now available online.

Iowa’s Judicial Branch – http://www.iowacourts.gov/
This is the website of Iowa’s Judicial Branch. It contains information about rulings and opinions from Iowa’s Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and district courts; court rules; a history of the court system in Iowa; a description of the court system; and information about each of Iowa’s judges.


Iowa Law – go to http://www.legis.iowa.gov/IowaLaw/statutoryLaw.aspx 
Information about the law in Iowa can be found at this website. The Constitution of Iowa, Iowa Code, Acts, election laws, administrative code, and court rules can all be downloaded here.


Secretary of State - www.sos.state.ia.us
The Secretary of State’s website contains information about business services provided by the department; voter and election information; lists of candidates in the next primary and/or general election; lists of candidates for the next school board elections; voter registration information;, maps for school districts, legislative districts, and congressional districts; candidate information; election results; and information about the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).


Iowa Department of Education – https://www.educateiowa.gov/
The Iowa Department of Education’s website contains an organizational chart of the department; a list of programs and services; reports and statistics; a copy of laws, rules, and legislation; calendars; and grants. It also contains information on teacher licensure requirements and all Area Education Agencies (AEA).

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National Websites

White House - www.whitehouse.gov
This is official website of the United States White House. It contains information about latest news events, current policies, appointments, offices and agencies, and historical facts about the White House.

U.S. Senate - www.senate.gov
This is the United States Senate’s official website. It contains a list of senators and their committee assignments, the floor and committee schedules, information on legislation and records, and historical information about the Senate.

U.S. House of Representatives - www.house.gov
This is the official website of the United States House of Representatives. It contains a list of representatives, their address and phone numbers, website address, and committee assignments. It also contains information about the legislative process, bills and laws, and a link to the United States Code.

U.S. Department of Education - www.ed.gov
The United States Department of Education’s website contains the latest updates to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) as well as information about education resources, research and statistics, legislative policies and regulations, and general education information. There is specific information for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

U.S. Department of Education Publications –http://www2.ed.gov/rschstat/landing.jhtml?src=pn
More than 33,000 publications are available to the public from the United States Department of Education. Use one of four search techniques provided at this site to find and order a copy of the publication you are interested in.


No Child Left Behind Act – www.ed.gov/nclb/landing.jhtml?src=pb
Information specific to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is available here. This site is maintained by the U.S. Department of Education and is updated regularly.

Library of Congress – www.loc.gov
The United States Library of Congress’ website contains a wide variety of information, including information about American history, current and past legislation, and world cultures.

Government Printing Office – www.gpoaccess.gov/index.html
The United States Government Printing Office website provides official information from all three branches of the Federal Government. It contains information about the legislative process, congressional materials, legislative resources, and a variety of additional resources. Use a variety of search techniques to find the information you need.
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