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Hello All

My name is Shellie Pike.  This year, I am serving as the Iowa PTA Membership VP.  I have been involved in a variety of PTA roles for the past 10 years—my how time flies.  We hope you are getting your PTA unit off to a great start. 

The new year comes with new challenges, but also lots of NEW OPPORTUNITIES.  This year, the Iowa PTA is working hard to provide your unit with several resources to make your school-year successful.   If your unit had submitted dues last year and has an updated officer form on file with the state office, you should have received your membership cards.  If you have not yet updated your officer information, you can do this quickly by visiting our website at www.iowapta.org and clicking on the link on the right hand side for “Unit Registration Officer Form 2013-2014.”

The Iowa PTA Board will be making phone calls to PTA Unit Leaders throughout the year in hopes to answer any questions that arise.  This person will be your unit mentor and any concerns that arise throughout the year can be directed to this person.  

Additionally, we are promoting a few programs this year.  The membership theme is “Every Piece Counts”.  This theme demonstrates that everyone (each parent, family member, community member, teacher, school staff, etc) is an important part of the child’s life (the puzzle).   Units are encouraged to have a community area in the school that demonstrates all the great members/volunteers.  One option is to have a space to display names of volunteers (or their students) in an area so the school community can see all the great people who are contributing to the success of all children.  


IPTA 2014 Convention theme announced upclose


Another program we are promoting this year is the “3 for Me” initiative from National PTA.  This program allows school community members to volunteer three (3) hours of their time throughout the school-year.   This can be anything that benefits your schools (i.e. attending PTA meetings, volunteering for events, volunteering in the classroom, etc).  When the volunteer commitment (three hours) is completed, an incentive is given.  This incentive can be a free admission to an event, free PTA membership, etc.  Be sure to tailor this to your unit’s needs.  

Lastly, we would like to remind you to submit your membership dues on a monthly basis.  Just a reminder that all membership dues are to be submitted no later than March 31st. However, we encourage your unit to submit its dues before October 31st, your unit can be eligible for the Early Bird Award.  To earn this award, the State PTA office must receive membership dues equal to 25 members or at least 50% of those dues (whichever is larger) submitted last year.   This award entitles your unit to a “Buy one get one free” registration to state convention in April. 

We look forward to a successful year.  The Iowa PTA has a membership goal of 5,000 members by October 31.  It will take a team effort for us to meet this goal.   If you have any questions or need additional resources, please do not hesitate to contact your unit mentor or me throughout the year.

Shellie Pike, Iowa PTA VP Membership

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.