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  • PO Box 10634            
  • Cedar Rapids, IA 52410


FedEx or UPS packages please use this address:
1380 60th Street NE #10634
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410


Phone: (319) 573-0049

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

9 am - 11 am

Inquiries (phone or e-mail) will be answered/returned during these business hours.  


Email Us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Buy a PTA Banner

A 2-1/2' by 4' heavy-gauge vinyl banner containing the "PTA everychild. onevoice." logo is available from the Iowa PTA. The banner contains blue letters on a white background and can be customized to include the name of a local PTA unit or council. These banners are a great way to make the PTA's presence known at school and community events.

To order a banner, complete the following form and return it to the Iowa PTA Office.