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Advocacy Update!


Input needed for Iowa's ESSA Draft Plan

 As you may know, the No Child Left Behind Act was replaced with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015. Since the passage of ESSA, states have been tasked with creating a long-term plan and goals which best address the educational needs of children in each state.

Over the past year, the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) has worked diligently on the Iowa Plan and has actively sought input from educators and community leaders as well as parents. This has been accomplished through online submissions of comments, public forums held throughout the state; additionally, a representative from the Iowa PTA serves on the ESSA Advisory Committee to ensure parent input is included.

Today, the IDOE posted a second draft (https://www.educateiowa.gov/pk-12/every-student-succeeds-act) of the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act plan and they are asking parents to review and provide feedback (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V27MB78). Feedback will be collected from the online survey through July 18. Following the collection of feedback, a third and final draft of Iowa’s ESSA plan will be released in August, with a final submission to the U.S. Department of Education by September 18.

Even though states are no longer required to seek outside input for their ESSA plans, IDOE Director Ryan Wise is firmly committed to seeking stakeholder input and considers it to be critical to the development of Iowa’s ESSA Plan.

Please take some time and review the Iowa's ESSA Plan Draft (https://www.educateiowa.gov/pk-12/every-student-succeeds-act) - particularly any areas you may find most important for your child and the children in your community. Your input is vital for our children's success in public education.


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